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Superior Pools (Fibreglass) Range



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These pools come in Six Sizes ranging from 6.5 X 3 Meters to 12.0 X 4.4 Meters


Superior Swimming Pools.

Superior Pools is New Zealand’s newest Swimming Pool Manufacturer.

We have 6 brand new modern designs that will be available for installation this summer.

We have pools ranging from 6.5M right up to our 12M. We will be listing them as they become available.

Please enquire through our service listing about our other sizes and designs.

We are getting our Swimming Pools built to exacting standards utilising cutting edge industry approved build methods.

Combine this application knowledge with 25 years of Gelcoat and Resin knowledge we are pleased to bring you the strongest, best finished, NZ made Swimming Pool.

We are using the exceptional Nuplex Aquaguard Gelcoat and Swimming Pool building system. This is a tried and tested brand for over 25 years in the global pool coatings market. It has been proven to resist the harsh effects of the sun and chemical corrosion.

This final result is a sparkling pool that will retain its colour and vibrancy over may years of service.

We are so confident in our quality and finishing that we offer a 5-year gelcoat warranty and 25 year structural warranty.

We are pleased to introduce our first and largest Swimming Pool of the season our Superior 12.

This auction is for the Swimming Pool shell only. This includes no fittings or equipment.

Please note this is the plug before the mould not the actual swimming pool finish.
Superior 12

12M x 4.4M x 1.9M
Our Superior 12 has the following features for you:

*** Large Entry Steps and Bench Seating Options.

*** Safety Toe Rail around the perimeter of the Swimming Pool.

***Modern Design to suit you landscape.

***Uninterrupted Swimming Lane.

*** Fully Enclosed Steps and Benches for extra strength.

*** Enclosed Top Rail for extra strength and support.


All pools supplied with:

Stainless Steel Wall

Vinyl .57 Liner

Sand Filter

Self-Prime Pump

Wall Skimmer

Vacuum Brush Head

Vacuum Hose

Leaf Scoop

Extention Handle

Stainless Steel Ladder

Test Kit

Two Pool Jets


Installation and PVC Piping ARE NOT included in pricing


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Superior-12-Exterior-Pool Image

Top Quality Pool Cleaning Accessories Image Superior Pool 6.5 Exterior Dimensions Image Superior-12.0-Exterior-Pool Image